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If you are looking to finance your equipment, Five Arrows Media finance can help. With over 20 years specialist experience in the industry we understand that media companies and professionals have unique demands, not just in terms of speed & efficiency, but also the need to work with people who understand the industry and the technology. In addition, we have a unique lending position which means we can offer a fast and flexible service to maximise your benefits and minimise your costs. Our products include both short and longer terms, leasing and hire purchase options all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For more information regarding finance options contact Five Arrows directly:

Key Contacts:

Samantha Arlow: DD 0208 334 2112 email:

Jon Openshaw: DD 0208 8334 2102 email:

Five Arrows Media Finance are a subsidiary of Rothschild Bank, and are a separate entity to Tiffen International Ltd & Steadicam. In no way are they affiliated and so therefore all finance questions or queries should be directed to Five Arrows. Tiffen International Ltd will not be responsible in any way for any financial advice, quotation nor penalty for any contracts or advice taken with Five Arrows.