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Chris Fawcett

Chris Fawcett

Chris Fawcett

Chris Fawcett is a Steadicam® Operator and Cinematographer with 25 years of broadcast and film experience. He was trained on the streets of Belfast, graduating from AC to Camera Operator for BBC Newsnight. In 1998, he became a film and TV documentary DP, shooting mountaineering footage on Aconcagua at 7,000 meters.

In 2003, a passion for camera movement led him to Steadicam®. He now specialises in the aesthetics of camera movement, filming and  teaching world-wide. His feature film, Let Each One Go Where He May—a series of 10 ten-minute continuous Steadicam® takes, shot in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest—won Best Film at 5 international film festivals, attracting high praise for his cinematography. Chris is the author of Steadicam® Posture, and co-inventor of the Steadiseg, the 3rd generation Steadicam® Segway®.

He is also co-inventor of the radical new concept in ergonomic Steadicam Vest  design

– The “Fawcett Exo-Vest” –

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