Lowel GL-1 Power LED

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The Lowel GL-1 Power LED is a compact handheld light source that is ideal for any type of event or location photography that demands portability, flexibility and ease of use. The GL-1’s ergonomic appeal is readily apparent, from the rubberized exterior to the lockable trigger that enables dimming from 5.0-100{204f9cca3a406601ebca63e05175f4b9cb14e2592b37331c9868855bc588c26b}. The removable, rechargeable battery is located at the base for precise balance and its flat underside and low-profile feet allow placement on a table or other flat surface. There’s also a 1/4″-20 threaded socket for tripod mounting.

The GL-1’s flexible qualities begin with the focusing head with a 5:1 spot-to-flood ratio that allows you to back light or hair light your subject or pull back to add some fill light when needed to open up the shadows. The trigger-controlled dimming and a thumb-operated light intensity dial allows 1 hand operation for multi-tasking scenarios. The GL-1 comes with the light head, battery, multi-voltage charger and AC adapter. Its 3,000K output can be cooled to 5,300K for use in daylight with the purchase of an optional filter that mounts to the GL-1’s 82 mm front screw thread.

Focusing Head

The GL-1’s 8:1 focusing range lets you zero in to highlight your subject with a tight spot or pull back to wide flood and add fill light to a larger area

Two Ways to Dim

Use the adjustable Dimming Trigger to quickly get the perfect light level for short term handheld use or lock the light in the ON position and dial in an intensity for longer term constant output at any level


63 fc @ 5.0′ (1.5 m) with 39° beam angle
17 fc @ 10′ (3.0 m) with 39° beam angle
8.0 fc @ 15′ (4.5 m) with 39° beam angle
5.0 fc @ 20′ (6.0 m) with 39° beam angle
4.0 fc @ 25′ (8.0 m) with 39° beam angle
553 fc @ 5.0′ (1.5 m) with 10° beam angle
265 fc @ 10′ (3.0 m) with 10° beam angle
56 fc @ 15′ (4.5 m) with 10° beam angle
32 fc @ 20′ (6.0 m) with 10° beam angle
21 fc @ 25′ (8.0 m) with 10° beam angle

Product Highlights

  • Portable Battery-powered LED Head
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery
  • 82 mm Front Screw Thread
  • AC or DC
  • Locking Dimming Trigger
  • Focusable Head
  • Tripod Mounting Screw
  • No-noise Cooling

Product Description

GL-1 Power LED Specs & Tech. Data

Hollywood Lighting in the Palm of Your Hand

The Lowel GL-1 Power LED is a powerful, handheld, focusable & dimmable, photo-quality tungsten color light. It was designed as an innovative tool for the Wedding/Event and location portrait still photographer. With high ISO cameras allowing them to shoot in lower light locations, the GL-1 puts just the right amount of light exactly where they need it. From up close, or at a distance. Its dimming & focusing versatility also makes it popular with architectural time-lapse light painting photographers.


  • Dimmable w/o color shift
  • Fresnel lens
  • Focus Range – 8:1
  • Photo-quality tungsten color
  • Output comparable to 100W tungsten halogen lamp focused at same beam angle
  • 2 ways of dimming:
    Variable trigger Locked dimming wheel
  • Rechargable DC / external AC Power
  • Aprox 1 hr full brightness per full battery charge
  • Quiet diaphragm cooling
  • Tripod mountable
  • Lens accepts 82mm daylight correction filter
  • Available Barndoor Accessory
  • Supplied with auto-set AC adaptor and battery charger

Weight with battery: 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg)
Max. amperage:
 2.7A (AC power)
Beam control: Continuously variable
Fits on: 1/4-20 and 3/8″ tripod mounts
Materials: Primarily aluminum steel, & glass-filled nylon
Switch: in-unit