Steadicam G70x Arm

£14,100.00 Inc VAT

Performance and Durability Backed by the Best Arm Warranty in the Business. The G-70x is the third release of Tiffen’s G-Series arms. The revolutionary, patented Geo spring geometry optimizes performance throughout its lifting range. It tames high/low arm travel with adjustable-length crankshafts that dynamically rock the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. Powered by coaxial titanium spring sets, the G-70x arm smoothly carries any load from 13 to 70 pounds (5.8 to 32 kg). The all new bearing performance enhancements on the G-70x arm makes even the slowest camera moves ultra smooth.   The design criteria for the G-70x Arm: Light weight (10.8 lbs / 4.9 kg), user maintainable, and a 29 inch (73 cm) boom range. It has soft bumpers at each end of travel so the arm can be boomed right to its limits without shot-disturbing clunks. The G-70x also has a Ride control that adjusts the iso-elastic™ response of the arm. G-70x innovations include: Arm posts are locked in place by a single lever, so switching arm posts is quick and easy. Actually, all parameters are user adjustable. This quick-change mechanism also has an adjustable drag for the post’s rotation, from completely free to totally locked. At the socket block end of the arm is the, “kick back” link, which gets the arm further out of the way as  the sled crosses the operator’s body, and keeps the arm from banging against the stops in normal operation. Increased structural strength, improved geometry, tough type III hard anodize on the main arm components, and sturdy component design helps provide years of lasting durability. The net result: The smoothest, best performing durable arm ever built! Unparalleled service and support The G-70x arm comes with an industry surpassing standard 3-year full parts and labour warranty that includes all components including springs and socket blocks. The transferrable standard warranty also includes one complimentary factory tune-up to insure your arm is performing  at its best.

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Product Description

Unique Features:

  • 70 lb. (32kg) lifting capacity
  • 29 in. (73cm) boom range
  • Performance Adjustable
  • Smooth Operating
  • Durable
  • Innovative Design
  • Backed by an industry surpassing 3-year warranty