Tiffen Multi Rotor Pola Tray (MRT)

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Tiffen Multi Rota Tray…The world’s lightest geared rotating
138mm Circular Polarizer “and only” 4×5.650 Variable ND tray on the market!

The Tiffen Multi Rota Tray (MRT) is a geared rotating tray that allows the use and rotation of a 138mm Circular Polarizer and Variable ND in a 4×5.650 tray and is ideal for matte boxes without a rotating filter stage or for those instances where a secondary rotating filter stage is required in a non-rotating stage.

The Tiffen Multi Rota Tray is designed to fit into a variety of Matte Boxes which conform to ARRI R2 design standards.

The thought behind our new “Multi Rota Tray” (MRT) was to design an Arri R2 standard thickness filter tray that could be used not only as a Rota Pola, but also double up as a Variable Neutral Density (VND) filter, since a VND is two matched Circular Polarizers used in a pre-alignment combination, where one rotates and the other remains still.

A) reducing the thickness of the glass filters

B) developed a tray that could accommodate a rotating and fixed filter within it! This is what our NEW patent-pending “Multi Rota Tray” (MRT) delivers.

By taking this approach we have taken the standard Pola Tray concept to new heights of creative exposure control.

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Product Description

  • Available in 3 filter configurations with up to 3 distinct filter effects in one unit
  • Up to 6-stop (focal length dependent) of Tiffen VND* (Variable Neutral Density) with M8 geared ring for ease of use, minimum of 2-stops.
  • Geared 138mm ultra thin Circular Polarizer for greater field of view, when used without combined 4×5.650 Circular Polarizer
  • Patented quick release removable 4×5.650 ultra thin Circular Polarizer, when combined with 138mm ultra thin geared Circular Polarizer, will produce a Variable ND or Cool to Warm FX colour effect
  • Built into a single 6mm tray. Designed to be used with Sunshades and Matte boxes from ARRI®, Bright Tangerine™, Chrosziel®, Movcam, TLS Optics,  Vocas, and more. For concise matte box compatibility, go to http://tiffen.com/mrt-compatibility/
  • Geared adjustment for precision exposure for control by hand or industry standard M8 gear wheel
  • Uses only one tray space in Matte Box/Clip On Sun Shade, allowing the use of second filter tray
  • Tray engravings provide easy positioning
  • Includes  protective case
  • Easy-to-follow quick reference guide included  – Download here:

Video of how to use:

U.S Director of Photography, Shane Hulbert reviews the Tiffen MRT:


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 8 cm