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Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color
Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color
Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color
Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color

    Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color

    £289.99 £309.99
    VAT Included.
    SKU: G5-10BC

    Tiffen introduces the newest addition to the Lowel family of lighting products:

    The PRO Power LED Bi-Color is a lightweight and compact lighting solution designed for optimal color rendition with a CRI of 96-98 and TLCI of 94-98. Ideal for field production, it is fast to deploy and features a 2300K-6200K color temperature range to match existing lighting and ambient sources. The beam focus has a controllable range from 52° to 17° and an output of up to 1269 fc at 3’ when set to daylight spot. Perfect for lighting talent, the PRO Power LED Bi-Color is available as a standalone fixture or as a 3-light field production kit.

    The PRO Power LED Bi-Color provides an output equivalent to a 200W tungsten halogen lamp with the efficiency and benefits of LED technology. It runs cool to the touch and has a low heat emission output for keeping talent comfortable, and has a built-in dimming control that is flicker-free, enabling high-speed capture at 2350+ fps. Additionally, the PRO Power LED Bi-Color has a very low power draw and can operate on either AC power with the included adapter, or run for hours on DC battery power with optional accessories. Two-way barndoors are also included for simple light control, as well as an umbrella mount for attaching reflectors and diffusers.


    CCT: 6200K
    CRI: 96
    TLCI: 94
    17° Spot: 1269 fc / 13,660 lux at 3' / 0.9 m
    52° Flood: 180 fc / 1941 lux at 3' / 0.9 m
    CCT: 2300K
    CRI: 98
    TLCI: 98
    17° Spot: 1016 fc / 10,932 lux at 3' / 0.9 m

    52° Flood: 154 fc / 1661 lux at 3' / 0.9 m


    Light Fixture
    Beam Angle:  17-52°
    Color Temperature:  2300K-6200K
    Color Accuracy Standard:  CRI 96-98 TLCI: 94-98
    Cooling System: Active
    Dimming:  Flicker Free
    Display:  None
    Housing Material: Composite, Aluminum, Steel
    Lumens:  1269 @ 3ft (daylight)
    Fixture Dimensions:  10.3 x 4.3 x 6.3" / 26.2 x 10.9 x 16.0 cm

    Fixture Weight:  1.8 lb / 0.8 kg

    Fixture Mount: 5/8" Receiver
    Accessory Mount:  Umbrella Receiver
    AC Input Power:  120 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
    Power Source:  AC Adapter, External Battery
    IP Rating:  IP20
    Package Includes:
    • Lowel PRO Power LED Bi-Color Fresnel
    • Lowel 2-way Barndoors for PRO Power LED
    • Lowel AC Power Supply for PRO Power LED
    • Limited 2-year Warranty
    Packaging Info:
    • Package Weight: 5.85 lbs / 2.65 kg
    • Box Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 8” / 610 x 381 x 204mm

    *Please allow 7-10 days for dispatch.