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Steadicam Bronze Workshops in 2017

by / Tuesday, 10 January 2017 / Published in Bronze Workshops, News & Updates

New Steadicam Bronze Workshops have been announced for 2017

The Bronze Workshop is a two day workshop designed to get beginners to Steadicam operating in the shortest possible time. We use the smaller rigs up to and including the Zephyr and cover the majority of the Tiffen Steadicam Short Course syllabus.

The workshop is non-residential but a light working lunch is provided.

Dates confirmed are:

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  • September 28-29, 2017 UK

You can book your placement by clicking on the Bronze Wings.

Workshop Aims

The aim of this training programme is to provide the necessary skills and background for a working camera operator to make use of a Steadicam® system to best effect and safely.

Training Duration

Two days

Training Approach

The course approach is a combination of hands on and instructor driven however always kept very practical and relevant.

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