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Steadicam Gold Workshop – Japan

by / Friday, 22 June 2018 / Published in Gold Workshops, News & Updates

In-conjunction with Gin-Ichi Corp, Flysteadicam are proud to be hosting our Steadicam Gold Workshop in Japan.


Dates: October 8-13, 2018. 

The Tiffen Steadicam Gold Workshop is a unique opportunity for working camera operators to learn the use and application of Steadicam within the film and television world. The workshop is very much hands-on with plenty of practical time actually wearing and using the system. The Workshop culminates in a “test” shot of some considerable complexity which is recorded and critiqued in a group analysis session.

Workshop Aims:

The aim of this training program is to provide the necessary skills and background for a working camera operator to make use of a Steadicam system to best effect and safely.

Training Duration:

8th to 13th October 2018
The workshop will run from the morning of 8th October to the afternoon of the 13th October 2018.
Check-in day will be Sunday 7th October in time to start work the next morning, check out will be morning of Saturday the 13th.
Steadicam Gold Workshops are a total immersion experience, students and instructors stay at the workshop venue for the entirety of the workshop duration and eat all meals together. The cost of student accommodations and meals are included in the cost of the workshop.

Number of Students:



500,000 JPY

Book here:


Jerry Holway(Steadicam co-inventor); Chris Fawcett, Rebecca Wilson-Jennings(Steadicam Operator)、Robin Thwaites (Steadicam Director if International Sales); Dan Ikeda (Ex-Tiffen Sales Director)

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