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The First Ever Bronze Workshop in Japan!

by / Monday, 19 November 2012 / Published in Steadicam Bronze Workshops 2018

One-hundred and ten percent! The dedication shown by the nine eager Steadicam students at the first ever bronze workshop was second to none! Truth be told it was hard work to keep up with them as they spent every possible moment in the rigs, asking questions or discussing better ways to execute a shot.

The students worked with a Steadicam Scout, Zephyr and Archer to practice a multitude of operating techniques.  By the end of the first day it was great to see the competitive side come out as each group tried to execute each shot better than the last.

By the second day students were showing up an hour early just so they could spend extra time in the rigs and practice all the new skills they had learnt. By lunchtime smiles could be seen on every face as shots came to life and they could see the results of their hard work. Before long it was crunch time and each student was given the chance to execute an action sequence. Every operator’s focus was intense as they rehearsed their shots so by thetime they hit record they were no longer students, they were operators. After only two days the transformation was incredible with every student taking away skills that they will use for a long time to come!