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Lowel Tota LED Floodlight - The Tiffen Company

Lowel Tota LED Floodlight

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Update your lighting kit with the bright, compact TotaLED Daylight LED Floodlight from Lowel. A modernization of the old Lowel Tota light, the TotaLED retains its powerful 750W tungsten equivalent brightness, but this model is updated to a daylight LED panel with sturdy metal construction and a large heatsink to keep it cool when operated for long periods. Its fanless design also keeps it quiet on set.

The light's 160 5600K LEDs have a long, 50,000-hour lifespan, so you won't have to change any burned-out bulbs. Its 65° beam angle covers large areas with ambient light, and you can slide in the removable diffuser panel to broaden the beam angle to 100°.

The light is powered by a controller box that connects to the light with a 4-pin XLR; connect either an AC adapter or use the built-in V-mount plate with a separately available battery. The box also features a knob for 100-10% stepless dimming - which can then be brought down to totally 0%, a mounting slot, and a hanger loop for hanging on a stand.

The TotaLED is supported by a built-in tilting yoke with a 5/8" mount, which is tightened by a large locking knob. The yoke also features a shoe-style mount to attach your controller box by its mounting slot. Further up the yoke, there's a 1/4"-20 accessory mount for adding gobos or flags. There's also a separate umbrella mount with a small locking knob that can support umbrellas up to 45". Its built-in two-way barndoors help you shape the light, and there are two integrated gel clips on the outside of each barndoor. The barndoors fold down to protect the light panel when not in use.

The included AC adapter can be used worldwide with optional plug adapters, and it all comes in a carry case to protect and transport the light.

The TotaLED is a portable flood light that emits 4275 lux of flicker-free continuous light. It operates on AC or battery power, and it draws only 70 W to deliver the equivalent output of a 750 W tungsten bulb. The TotaLED is daylight balanced (5600 K) and with a CRI of 96.3, it delivers excellent color accuracy. Its power output is controlled by a stepless dimmer knob that ranges from 100% to 0% brightness.
  • LED Count: 160
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Luminance: 4275 lx @ 1m
  • Coverage: 65 degrees (without diffuser) 100 degrees (with diffuser)
  • CR: >96.3
  • TLCI: >95.3
  • Electrical Consumption: 70 W
  • Tungsten Output Equivalent: 750 W
  • AC Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Bulb Life: 50,000 hr.
  • Battery: 14.8 V
  • Power Cord Length: 9.5 ft (2.9 m)
  • Material: Metal chassis
  • Weight (with control box): 5.1 lb (2.3 kg)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.3 x 12.3 x 3.9 in.
  • Silent fanless cooling
  • Integrated umbrella mount
  • ¼-20 threaded accessory mount
  • Documentary Video
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Press Events
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Independent Filmmakers
  • Student Filmmakers