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Meet our world class Workshop Instructors


Garrett Brown is best known as the Oscar-winning inventor of the Steadicam®. He has operated Steadicam on nearly 100 movies including Rocky, The Shining, and Return of the Jedi. Garrett holds 50 patents worldwide for devices which include the Steadicam Merlin, a smaller, handheld Steadicam for camcorders; Skycam, the robot camera that flies on wires over sporting events; and Mobycam, Divecam, Flycam et al that pursue athletes worldwide. His new zeroG technology “floats” tools and reduces workplace injuries. In past lives Garrett has recorded for MGM as a folksinger (, sold Volkswagens, directed TV commercials and made films for Sesame Street, and his voice was the other half of that well-known ad-lib duo on radio for Molson and American Express (*). He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Directors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Garrett has just been inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.




Jerry Holway got his first taste of filmmaking at the age of five when Margaret Mead came to his house in Connecticut and tested out her Bolex on him before heading off to the South Seas. Jerry made his first 16 mm film in high school, ended up with a film degree from Cornell University, and started making documentary films before graduating. For several years Jerry worked on documentaries, industrials, and political spots, and earned a Master’s degree from Northwestern University. Jerry learned how to operate a Steadicam in 1982 while he was teaching filmmaking at Penn State. Several years later Jerry left teaching to become a freelance camera operator, specializing in Steadicam. In 1991, Garrett Brown invented – and with Jerry, developed – Skyman™, the first of several low-tech “flying Steadicam on a wire” devices that Jerry owns. Jerry has been the head instructor at over 100 Steadicam workshops since 1990 (Philadelphia, Malibu, Scandinavia, Atlanta, Istanbul, to name a few) and is the author of the Steadicam Workbook, The Steadicam EFP Manual and Videotape, The Steadicam Ultra manual, and The Dynamic Balance Primer, and The Steadicam Operator’s Handbook. Jerry also wrote many articles for and was the editor and publisher of The Steadicam Letter.


Chris Fawcett is a Steadicam Operator and Cinematographer with 30 years of broadcast and film experience. He was trained on the streets of Belfast, graduating from AC to Camera Operator for BBC Newsnight. In 1998, he became a film and TV documentary DP, shooting mountaineering footage on Aconcagua at 7,000 meters. In 2003, a passion for camera movement led him to Steadicam. He now specializes in the aesthetics of camera movement, filming and teaching worldwide. His feature film, Let Each One Go Where He May—a series of 10 ten-minute continuous Steadicam takes, shot in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest—won Best Film at 5 international film festivals, attracting high praise for his cinematography. Chris is the author of Steadicam Posture, co-inventor of the Steadiseg, the 3rd generation Steadicam Segway, and inventor of the Exovest, an exoskeletal support harness for Steadicam.



 Robin Thwaites originally qualified as a photographer at what is now Richmond upon Thames College, near London and followed this education working in various studios. He moved to become involved with a major motion picture manufacturer and rental house where he first became involved with Steadicam®. He was involved in organizing the first major Steadicam® Workshop in the UK in 1987 with the late Ted Churchill as lead instructor. Since then, Robin has been instrumental in creating multiple workshop formats for the UK and EU and has participated as both joint instructor and technical advisor for Tiffen at affiliated workshops such as the workshops hosted by the Steadicam® Operators Association.



Danny has been working around Steadicam® for 15 years after attending his first own workshop at the BBC Wood Norton Studios in 2006. Now working alongside Robin Thwaites at Tiffen International primarily on the Motion Picture side of the business, he has helped expand the Steadicam Workshops format throughout the UK, Europe and beyond as an organizer and key instructor in Bronze, Silver and Gold standards. Alongside not only the esteemed Garrett, Jerry and Chris, but many other well known local professionals. He's been on the instructor line up at Gold Workshops such as the Malibu Classic USA, Tenerife Gold, Turkey, Denmark, Australia, the UK, plus countless Bronze and Silver courses to date. 



Rebecca (Bex) has been shooting professionally in New Zealand since the 1980’s. She attended Garrett Brown and Jerry Holway’s 2002 US workshop and has been a working Steadicam Operator ever since. Her experience includes live television such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Live Sports, ‘World of Wearable Art’ Awards, Official Public Engagements, Film Premieres, Concerts and much more. Bex instructed alongside Garrett and Jerry at the Australian and Malaysian Gold workshops in 2011/2012 and while she enjoys working locally, she loves instructing and is looking forward to leading many more workshops. She is passionate about the craft of Steadicam and thrives on seeing the progress and success of her students.


To operate the Steadicam is like doing a dance, structured but with finesse and yet able to tell a story. Although Zhong Wei is not a dancer by nature, with Steadicam he is able to move together as if he is one with the camera. Zhong’s interest in the art of the moving camera sparked in 2009. Being technically eloquent with various camera formats, Zhong Wei is able to perform to his fullest potential even in the most demanding situations. Based in Singapore, he has collaborated with Directors and DPs both locally and internationally including work in areas such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom. As a firm believer of education, Zhong Wei has been an instructor on several Tiffen Steadicam-accredited workshops since 2013. Being fluent in a few languages including English, Chinese and Cantonese, has brought Zhong to the Philippines and China to instruct in the Steadicam Bronze and Silver workshops, educating and inspiring many other Steadicam operators alike.