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Welcome to FlySteadicam™ where you can study the art of Steadicam® and sign up to the latest workshops held internationally.

Tiffen International Ltd offer Gold, Silver & Bronze workshops covering all size Steadicam® rigs in some of the worlds most beautiful locations, however if you are based in the US then you can book through our sister  website where we also hold many workshops throughout the year. Regardless of ability, FlySteadicam™ workshops are for all levels of ability. You can now book workshops here directly via our store, and even purchase some of our exclusive products at direct from the manufacturer prices.

News and Events from Flysteadicam:

Steadicam Gold Workshop – Tenerife 2018


Garrett Brown takes his ‘Moving Camera’ presentation to Japan

Garrett Brown presents his Moving Camera in Japan Article

Garrett’s next stop was instructing at the first ever Steadicam Gold Workshop in Japan.

The lecture not surprisingly centres on Steadicam but it also covers cinematography in a more general sense. The event was hosted by Gin-Ichi, Steadicam experts and a partner of GTC sponsor Tiffen, and held at the Tokyo headquarters of NAC Rentals.

Attendees came not only from the Steadicam community in Japan but also included cinematographers and DoPs, all of whom were held rapt for the two hours of the lecture.

This was followed by an extensive Q&A session with Garrett, all rounded off with snacks, drinks and much socialising and industry chat.


Steadicam M1 Volt Demo

The latest photos from our Bronze Workshops in September 2017