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Deluxe Video Intro Filter Kit

Deluxe Video Intro Filter Kit

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The Deluxe Video Intro Filter Kit from Tiffen makes it easy and convenient for students or professionals working in the video industry. The kit comes with three basic, but necessary filters for video.

The UV protector is designed to keep moisture and dirt out of the front element of your lens. This filter also removes UV haze when you are shooting at higher altitudes and it is recommended to leave this filter on at all times.

The Neutral Density .6 filter is an important filter to have because it reduces the amount of light coming into the lens by two stops. The ND filter also allows the video camera to shoot at wider apertures and not overexposing the scene; in addition to, getting a shallower depth of field in the shot.

Unlike digital cameras film cannot white balance under fluorescent lights, but the FL-D Filter does provide that solution. By not correcting the film for that type of lighting it will capture the green cast fluorescent lighting gives off. Using the filter will render true-to-life colors and pleasing skin tones on people.

Tiffen filters are created by using the ColorCore Process, which permanently laminates the filter material between two pieces of optical glass. The optical glass is grounded and polished flat; therefore, the filter material between the glass is never affected. The finished product is finally mounted into an aluminum ring.