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Film Look DV Filter Kit

Film Look DV Filter Kit

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The Tiffen Film Look Digital Video Filter Kit with 4-Way Pouch Pack gives you the chance to create some really interesting "film effects" not normally possible with traditional diffusion filters.

Black Diffusion F/X 1/2 Filter
The Black Diffusion F/X filter is a soft focus filter. This filter produces a silky-smooth texture, even in tight close-ups without sacrificing image clarity. The Black Diffusion F/X filter offers the most advanced diffuser ever developed by Tiffen. Creates a diffused image that doesn't look like it's been shot through a filter. Black Diffusion F/X filters are available in grades from one-half through five, with grade 5 having the greatest effect; effect of lighter grades is subtle, with higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable.

Warm Black Diffusion F/X 1/4 Filter
This filter has the same effect as a regular Black Diffusion F/X filter except it has the added benefit of Tiffen's exclusive 812 warming filter. 

Black Pro Mist 1/2 Filter
The Black Pro-Mist F/X glass filter is part of the Hollywood F/X series of filters. The Black Pro-Mist creates moderate image softening and modest-to-strong highlight flare, but without as much of a lightening effect in the shadow areas. Here's another tool to add to your portrait arsenal. As part of Tiffen's award-winning series of F/X filters, the Black Pro-Mist gives you the option to add another dimension to your images. Part of the difference between a run-of-the-mill photograph and a "great" photograph is the attention to detail - and with the Tiffen Pro-Mist series of filters, you can tweak your images just enough to set them apart from everyone else's.

Soft F/X 1 Filter
The Soft F/X 1 glass filter is a soft focus filter. It has a pattern of tiny lenslets which put smaller details, like wrinkles and skin blemishes, out of focus while leaving larger details such as the eyes sharp. Soft F/X filters are available in most sizes in grades from one-half through five, with grade 5 having the greatest softening effect. This filter is most effective when used for soft focus portraiture.

Tiffen, a leader in the filter industry, proudly makes its filters in the USA and backs up its products with a solid 10-year warranty.