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Outlet Tiffen 37mm Soft Contrast Filter
Outlet Tiffen 37mm Soft Contrast Filter

Outlet Tiffen 37mm Soft Contrast Filter

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Tiffen Soft Contrast Filter - Manufacturer Refurbished.

Products on this page may have minor cosmetic marks, or may not be supplied in original packaging, but have been fully inspected for quality.

The Tiffen Soft Contrast 3 Glass Filter reduces contrast in the opposite manner from the Low Contrast filter series. This filter absorbs light diminishing the highlighted areas while retaining the darker look of the shadow areas. In other words, the hot spots or bright areas of the image are reduced while the shadow areas remain dark.

Soft Contrast filters are available in grades 1-5 with #5 having the greatest effect
Results in a reduction in contrast
This filter, like the Low Contrast filter, will cause a slight amount of flaring or halation
The Soft Contrast filter has a neutral grey appearance, which drops the exposure
Although it may seem to require it, Tiffen does not recommend any exposure compensation since this will negate the effect of the filter