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80B Colour Conversion Screw-In Filter

80B Colour Conversion Screw-In Filter

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Enabling the use of daylight-balanced film under tungsten-lit conditions, this 80B Color Conversion Filter from Tiffen is a cooling filter used to increase the color temperature from 3400K to 5500K. The blue color of the filter has a filter factor of 3x, requiring an additional 1.6 stops of exposure to achieve normal results.

The filter is constructed using Tiffen's ColorCore technology, which involves lamenting the filter material between two pieces of optical glass, grounding flat to a tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch, and mounting within an aluminum alloy ring.

Blue color conversion filter increases color temperature and provides a cooling effect. Converts 3400K to 5500K for using daylight-balanced film under tungsten lighting. Filter factor of 3 requires approximately 1.6 stops of additional exposure to maintain normal results.

ColorCore technology, which permanently laminates the filter material between two pieces of optical glass, maintains image clarity, accuracy, and consistency.
Aluminum filter ring is both lightweight and durable.