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RIFA LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit
RIFA LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit
RIFA LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit
RIFA LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit

RIFA LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit

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The Rifa LED Bulb Retrofit allows legacy Rifa 55, Rifa 66 and Rifa 88 lights to be repurposed at a low cost with the latest LED technology. Saving you from reinvesting in new lights and providing you a path forward for a price that is similar to the cost of a few traditional tungsten bulbs. Plus, the LED bulb provides a much longer life.

Rifa LED Bulb & Diffuser Kit Includes: 

  • Revitalizes legacy Rifa 55/66/88 tungsten lighting fixtures with LED technology
  • Uses the standard* Rifa twist and lock socket for quick replacement
  • Powerful LED 80W power draw produces similar output to a 500W traditional tungsten bulb 3300 LUX @ 3ft
  • High Quality Colour rendition - CRI and TLCI ratings (TLCI: 99 CRI: 96)
  • Colour tunable from Daylight (6400K) to Tungsten (2700K) colour temperatures
  • Dimmable from 10%-100%
  • Built-in wired controller for reliable adjustment of dimming and colour
  • New lightweight artificial silk diffuser provides more light transmission and softer emission.
  • Bulb and Diffusers can also be purchased separately.

*Available for the Rifa 55, Rifa 66 and Rifa 88. Note you will need the ROUND bulb EX fitment to use the Rifa LED Lamp.

*If you have the older, SQUARE fitment, you'll need an update kit - available separately. For details of the service bulletin, Click Here

  • User assembly of the IEC connector is required.
  • RIFA 55 Update Kit includes: 17726 - MODULAR LC-55 SEMI-FIXTURE 10004/2A IEC CONNECTOR
  • RIFA 66 Update Kit includes: 17729 - MODULAR LC-66 SEMI-FIXTURE 10004/2A IEC CONNECTOR
  • RIFA 88 Update Kit includes: 17732 - MODULAR LC-88 SEMI-FIXTURE 10004/2A IEC CONNECTOR

Update Kits are available with, or without the LED Bulb