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Steadicam Low Mode CRB
Steadicam Low Mode CRB

Steadicam Low Mode CRB

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  • SKU: 815-7935

Steadicam Central Rotator Bracket (CRB) for low mode.

Allows for the inversion of your gimbal handle to get the camera much lower, without having to bend down. Angled attachment to the gimbal handle for better ergonomics.

Can be rotated for Regular/Goofy operation.

Can also be used with a longer arm post, to get the camera even lower.

For larger Steadicam arms, with post diameters 5/8" and 3/4".

3/4" diameter gimbal handle required. 

Includes 1 pc.lock pin PIN-062204 (For safety, this lock pin must always be used when in low-mode)
Replacement Pin also available