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Steadicam Volt Power Cable

Steadicam Volt Power Cable

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  • SKU: 817-0131

Steadicam Volt Power Cable, with flexible braided sheath. 10"/25cm

Supplied with 3pin right angled 0b lemo to choice of sled connectors: 

Please choose:

  • 817-0131 - Right Angled 3pin 0b Lemo to Straight 3pin 0b Lemo For all Steadicam Systems using 3pin lemo on the stage.
  • 817-0137Right Angled 3pin 0b Lemo to Straight 3pin "Half Moon" Lemo for older GPI Pro systems.

Important: Please ensure you check your pin out configuration before connecting this cable, especially if you have an non-Steadicam branded sled. Some sled manufacturers configure their connectors differently to Steadicam, and you may need to change the connector wiring to match.

We will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.

These 3 pin cables are configured as per Steadicam standard: