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Tally Sensor

Tally Sensor

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  • SKU: 800-7930

Official Steadicam Tally sensor. For multi-camera productions. Uses a light sensor to transmit from the camera ON-AIR indicator to the Steadicam monitor.

There are different versions available depending on the tally connector on the Nosebox of your sled. The output is picked up by the Lemo cable on the base, and transmitted to Transvideo and Tiffen Ultrabrite monitors for display directly onto your monitor.

Please check your sled prior to ordering. 

36" / 92cm cable.

  • 800-7930 - With Multi-Pin DIN connector and sensor - Early Ultra2, Clipper, Phantom, Folding Archer2.
  • 257-7930 - With 4pin Lemo. For all M-Series, Shadow, Archer2 SP. Includes LED repeater.