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Tiffen 4 1/2

Tiffen 4 1/2" - 114mm Adapter Ring Clamp

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  • SKU: 114SSLR412

The Tiffen 4 1/2" to 114mm Adapter Ring facilitates fitting our 4 1/2" Drop-In Filters to attach to a 114mm lens. The Drop In edged filter is fixed in place with the threaded lock ring, and the clamp attaches to the outside barrel of the lens. 

The kit includes a lens adapter ring that is fitted to a compatible lens and secured through the use of either one of two 1.9" or 1.2" set screws which are also provided along with a retaining ring. The 1.9" or 1.2" set screw may be selected depending on which the user considers easier to turn. After a mounted 4.5" drop-in filter or 115mm unmounted filter is placed within the lens adapter ring, the filter is secured by the filter retaining ring which screws into place over the filter.

The Tiffen 4.5" Filter to 114mm Diameter Lens Adapter Assembly features a lightweight, aluminium-alloy construction for durability and is coated with a matte black finish to minimize reflections.