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UV Haze Filters

UV Haze Filters

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  • SKU: 305HZE

An ideal protective filter for outdoor use, the UV Haze Filter from Tiffen is a clear UV filter that helps to reduce haze and unwanted blue color casts when photographing at high altitudes or near water.

The 2A strength of this filter is more effective that the standard Haze-1 filter at reducing haze and is especially well-suited for aerial and drone photography applications by applying a contrasting yellow tone to counteract the blue cast found near water or at altitude.

Additionally, as a clear filter, the HZE 1a can also be used as general protection for the front of your lens to guard against scratches, fingerprints, dust, and other elements.

The filter is constructed using Tiffen's ColorCore technology, which involves laminating the filter material between two pieces of optical glass, grounding flat to a tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch, and mounting within an aluminum alloy ring.