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Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm
Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm

Steadicam G-70x 2 Arm

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  • Weight: 13-lbs/5.9kg
  • Boom Range: 29"/737mm
  • Minimum Lift Capacity: 13-lbs/5.9kg
  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 70-lbs/31.8kg


  • Easier tuning of ISO Elasticity settings
  • Sleeker Design
  • Twist-resistant core
  • Lower Profile Arm links minimize operator interference
  • Redesigned Socket Block for precision sled positioning, faster setup & on-the-fly adjustment, tool-free, without arm removal
  • Multi-position adjustability
  • Reduced spring kick-back
  • Better for back-mount users
  • Rubberized, larger & better spaced Lift & Ride Knobs
  • Updated Bumpers
  • New Arm Post Lever lock
  • Dual bearing mounted 3/4" extendable Post with rotational locking & drag control
  • Metric Assembly Components for easier service

Introducing the Steadicam® G-70x2 Arm | Operator Intuitive New Design Smoothly holds up to 70-lbs/31.8kg

Meet the most anticipated Steadicam® Arm ever made. Specially configured for today's most intuitive camera stabilization, the all-new G-70x2 Arm is the result of five decades of experience and input from top Steadicam operators combined with today's latest engineering and component technology.

Easier Iso-elastic™ Tuning

The G-70 line owes its success to the twist-resistant core design architecture and fundamental design principals combined with carefully selected materials, propriety coatings, and other components that work together to add strength, enhanced stability, and durability. Integrating the best achievements of the G-70x with patented iso-elastic™ performance and patented geo spring geometry, the new G-70x2 includes features and functions that significantly enhance reliability, durability, safety, set-up speed, and silky-smooth stabilization.

Dual bearing mounted ¾" Arm Post, no-tools rotational locking & drag control

Ready to lift from 13-lbs/5.9kg to 70-lbs/31.8kg, the new system offers a 29"/737mm Boom Range and numerous of operating advantages. The G-70x2 system adds a dual bearing mounted ¾" Arm Post with no-tools rotational locking and drag control. That means quick adjustability from a solid lock-off to friction-free rotation of the arm post, even when changing posts.

Rigid Pivoting Steel Socket Block

Plus there is now a rigid pivoting steel Socket Block, also with no-tools adjustability. This update eliminates the flex inherent in traditional rod ends for more precise sled positioning, with faster set-ups and on-the-fly adjustments without removing the arm. A safety plus, it prevents the operator from mistakenly over-extending the rod ends.

The Traditional connector block using the T-Handle is also available as an option.

Multi-position Kickback Link
In addition, the popular "kickback link" which gets the arm further out of the way as the sled crosses the operator’s body when front-mounted, now features multi-position adjustability to locate the arm in the most convenient position, whether operating front or back-mounted.

Sleeker, Lower profile Arm Links
The G-70x2 sports a sleeker design with lower profile arm links which makes it more transparent and less intrusive to operator movements. Flying Steadicam is smoother in general due to the full complement of low friction pivot point bearings, updated arm bumper design and other meticulous details down to the more ergonomic rubber gripped, easy-turn, Lift and Ride knobs. The practical design even features Metric Assembly Components for easier service.

3 Year Warranty
The new G-70x2 comes with a soft-sided Arm carrying bag, special tool for user servicing, an operating manual, and industry leading 3-Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty.

Payment options: We're offering a 10% deposit option to be one of the first to receive your new G70X2. The balance will be payable prior to shipping. We'll contact you when it's ready to ship. Just let us know which version of connector you want at point of order.