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The Digital HT coating is a high transmission multi-coating that surpasses military specifications for hardness and durability. This optical purity combined with high scratch-resistance results in an easy-to-clean filter with superb imaging quality. They also feature titanium filter rings for increased strength and durability.

Digital HT multi-coating provides increased strength, durability, and optical clarity for greater light transmission and protection against scratches.
Tiffen filters are made using ColorCore technology; a process that involves laminating the filter substrate between 2 pieces of optical glass, grinding flat to a tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch, then mounting to precision metal rings.

Tiffen Digital HT Filters (7)

Digital HT Circular Polarizer Screw-In Filter


UV Haze 86 Digital HT Screw-In Filter


Digital HT Ultra Clear Filters


Digital HT Color-Grad® Neutral Density 0.6 Filter


Digital HT Soft FX 3 Screw-In Filter


Digital HT Neutral Density Screw-In Filter


Digital HT Star Screw-In Filter