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Steadicam Silver Workshop - Booking Pages
Steadicam Silver Workshop - Booking Pages

Steadicam Silver Workshop - Booking Pages

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Available Dates:
  • 30/07/2024 - 01/08/2024
  • Number of Placements available: 12
  • Number of placements remaining: **Sold Out**
  • Location near West London, UK
  • Our March event is Sold Out.

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Introduction Steadicam is an extensively used tool within the film and television industry however requires training and practice in order to produce good results. More than just a stabilizer, it is able to provide an individual style to the production often greatly desired by producers and directors. Additionally complex moving scenes can be not only quicker to shoot but also more dramatic adding pace and dimension to the shot. The Tiffen International Steadicam Workshop is a unique opportunity for working camera operators to learn the use and application of Steadicam within the film and television world. The workshop is very much hands-on with plenty of practical time actually wearing and using the system. The Silver Workshop is a three day workshop designed to get beginners to Steadicam operating in the shortest possible time but often also attended by operators with some Steadicam experience. We use the larger rigs within the M-Series range and base the workshop around the Tiffen Steadicam Short Course syllabus. This covers all basic techniques and looks at blocking out shots, compositional aspects and timing. We are also incorporating the Steadicam Volt into the syllabus. The workshop is non-residential but a light working lunch is provided. There will be a choreographed and recorded sequence at the end of the course which will be reviewed with the group.

Workshop Aims The aim of this training programme is to provide the necessary skills and background for a working camera operator to make use of a Steadicam system to best effect and safely.

Training Duration Three days

Training Approach The course approach is a combination of hands on and instructor driven however always kept very practical and relevant.

Training Objectives

On completion of the training programme the participants will be able to:

  1. Assemble the Steadicam and fit camera and all accessories.
  2. Understand the principles of operation of a Steadicam.
  3. Balance the system correctly including dynamic balance.
  4. Put on and adjust the operators vest for best fit.
  5. Adjust the suspension arm for the camera weight.
  6. Understand rest positions.
  7. Start and stop smoothly.
  8. Post pan sled.
  9. Body pan sled.
  10. Track shooting sideways.
  11. Circle the subject.
  12. Walk forward shoot back.
  13. Switch forward and back.
  14. Handle actor sitting and standing from a chair.
  15. Tackle steps and stairs.
  16. Handle corners and corridors to best advantage.
  17. Change to low mode.
  18. Understand blocking out a shot.
  19. Have knowledge of working in adverse conditions.
  20. Communicate with clients and directors.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there will be many other skills and techniques passed on during the course of the workshop.

Assessment and Certification System Participant assessment is via continuous monitoring and appraisal over the workshop followed by test piece. This is followed by group discussion. There can be no strict pass/fail situation as the ability to use Steadicam can only be acquired with much practice after the workshop however it is expected that all students will attain a reasonable standard for their personal degree of experience during the course.

Participant Profile Participants may be anyone interested in developing the skills to use Steadicam who has previous camera operating experience.

Instructors Robin Thwaites, Danny Hallett

Equipment Used All equipment will be current model Tiffen Steadicam product except where third party manufactured equipment is required as support. For the Silver this will include: Steadicam M-Series; and Zephyr. We have also incorporated the new Steadicam Volt into the syllabus. We have a range of Vests and arms available to use. Board and Lodging are not included in the workshop fee. If you would like to stay at the venue during the course, please book directly with the hotel. Tiffen and Flysteadicam will not be involved nor responsible for any bookings/agreements or subsidy with the hotel. If you are confirmed to attend, the hotel will be supplied your name to reference against.

Payment Price of the workshop includes UK VAT. A VAT Invoice can be supplied on request.

Contact Us 

The best way to contact us is via email:

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: We require both payment in full, and this registration form to secure a placement on the Silver Workshop. A confirmation email will be sent to you following successful registration with more information about the course and venue. Operating Steadicam is a physical activity and you should have a reasonable amount of fitness to benefit the most from the workshop. For example, a Silver Workshop could involve carrying loads in excess of 25kg. If you have any reason why this could potentially be an issue, you must tell us in advance to allow us to cater for your needs. Please let us know of any general mobility issues that could affect your participation. If you choose not to disclose any physical limitation that could affect your involvement we will assume you understand the programme and may not have appropriate equipment available. We do not require any specific or confidential medical conditions listing. Flysteadicam and Tiffen International Ltd, nor any of their staff or representatives can be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained during the course or resulting in any way from the course. Casual clothing is recommended, along with flat shoes/cross-trainers. Heeled footwear is not appropriate and we will refuse participation until resolved. Drinking and/or drugs are strictly prohibited during the workshop published times. Flysteadicam, Tiffen International Ltd and its nominated instructors reserve the right to refuse or expel attendees if the safety of the involved or other attendees is at risk. Receipt of either part or full payment for the course automatically denotes acceptance of this disclaimer. This completed form is mandatory for all attendees. Your supplied information is processed and held by Tiffen International Limited and/or other members of the Tiffen group of companies and persons acting on their behalf for the purposes of supplying goods and services, related accounts and records. From time to time the Company may contact you to make you aware of goods and services which they provide and/or events which they think may be of interest to me within the Tiffen group. I also consent to my personal data being exported outside the EEA for these purposes. Tiffen International Ltd will not pass your details to any third party other than directly involved with your purchase/attendance of this event such as warehouse, courier and venue entities. Continuation with your purchase and/or submittance of this form is in agreement to these terms.  

For full terms and conditions, click here.

All payments to Flysteadicam are invoiced and refunded in GBP. Flysteadicam is not responsible for any loss as a result of currency exchange rates. VAT is included in the total. A VAT invoice is available on request.

This is a Tiffen International Steadicam Workshop. Details, content and schedules may be changed without notice. All rights reserve