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Tiffen Step Tablet #3

Tiffen Step Tablet #3

  • SKU: EK1523422T

Tiffen #3 Photographic Step Tablet Calibration Device is a handy and vital tool to have in your darkroom when you are printing colour or black and white. The grey scale helps you determine proper exposure and shows you where adjustments are needed. They are available in different increments depending on how large your print is and how precise your calibrations need to be.

  • Useful for making colour prints when grey scale is not present in original image
  • Use for sensitometric or densitometric applications
  • Excellent for making inter-negatives.

This product is calibrated with a Date of Calibration and Use By Date. We manufacture these in small batches, to ensure quality. We will notify you you with any referred supply dates, if applicable to available stock.